Why sell Projects?

Why Sell Projects? Selling property is selling property, right? If you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the skills. In some ways, certainly; knowing how to sell the dream to potential buyers and understanding the mechanics of the largest single purchase in a person’s life are important abilities no matter the property. But there’s quite the… Read more

The Off The Plan Sales Process

How do you sell a property that doesn’t yet exist? This question hints at the contrasts between selling an off the plan apartment (otherwise known as project sales) and an established property (residential sales). While both concern the sale of property, the processes involved are understandably very different. Today we’ll be looking at the less… Read more

How Do Sales Days Work?

The biggest day of any project release, the sales day, is the culmination of months and sometimes years of planning on the part of the developer. They’ve acquired the land, architected a design, gained approvals, developed marketing materials, and in some cases they’ve even started construction. Most importantly they’ve briefed you, the agent, on exactly… Read more